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Contactless Delivery – Mobile Saas Cloud App – Overview

How To Be A Distributor [Affiliate]

How To Be An Agent [Agency Owner]

Facts / Questions / Answers

F.  Agencies are currently available. You can help by assisting in fast Covid-19 business recovery immediately! Contactless Trading is now a global necessity. Our revolutionary App is the best solution! Start your own Covid-19 – Business Recovery Agency – (Free For 30 5 more Agency Applicants only!). A Commercial White Label License for this will soon be made available to the public for $895 – so be quick!  You’ll build a team of Work From Home Agents who will work for you finding clients on social media. Use our Landing Pages, websites, video media, banners and resources for fast results. No experience is necessary for clients or Agency’s to add products and/or services. You can opt to charge clients for this service instead. Web Design Services can partner with us to lease or sell the App and in addition charge for their time. Use our landing page and banners. Customize our Email swipes. Create your own Agency brand & logo. You get your own dashboard which can be personalized with your own company logo.

F.  Distributor’s [Affiliate’s] are also being sought, for Contact Free Agency. You’ll work from home, chatting with people on social media. You find the clients – we take care of them for you. Our Agent’s do all the work, setting up their webstore, through to customer care and updating and maintaining their site, if they wish to use our webmasters instead. There’s no further contact necessary between you and the client’s you’ll find, after they buy or lease. You simply give them your JVZoo affiliate link and they buy through the JVZoo dashboard, who will pay you each month for the sales that you make. (Links to become an Affiliate of Contact Free Agency are further down). Agencies of Contact Free Agency can advertise for their own Distributor’s [Affiliate’s], or they can contract us to find Work From Home Affiliate’s for them. Agency Owner’s are paid directly from Contact Free Agency (more on that further down).

F.  These are Contact Free Agency’s clients for life, yet our Agencies maintain the freewill of their current Agency Clients, over their 12 month lease period. This means you can opt to sell your Agency or Lease it, at any time along with its current clients, to someone else. If you don’t wish to do that, it’s fine…you can just sit back and reap the commission rewards of a Passive recurring income! You can sign the contract anytime to receive the current goodwill of your Agency’s Clients, if you wish to will the goodwill to someone else, or sell your goodwill!

F.  Making a great income is easy. Just promote the App online. In return – you’re rewarded incredibly well!

Q.  How do I promote the App online, do you have any tools and resources?

A.  Yes…we have a great range of professional banners, email swipes, a business card, an animated business card (both editable on Canva.com), plus a brochure that you can add to your emails. Most of these can be accessed within the tools and resource area of our Affiliate provider JVZoo.com. Other materials we supply you with ourselves. We also provide you with our promotional video for hiring ‘work from home’ Distributor’s [Affiliate’s]. More on that further down.

Q.  How and when do we get paid?

A.  You’re paid by JVZoo.com. You’ll need to start an account, if you don’t already have one. It’s free to join. (See further down). You can ask to be approved using the following link – https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliate/affiliateinfo/index/367019

Q.  Are there any age restrictions or restrictions to the hours that we work?

A.  A guardian is required if you’re under 18. Work anytime you want 24/7 – Laptops are better! You can do this by working Part or Full time, safely from home, both during and after Covid-19

F.  This is a fantastic way, for anyone to quit the job they hate. You’ll never have to rely on a 9-5 job ever again! An easy free and legitimate way to make a well above average income online!

Q.  Great but…is this a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

A.  It works like any legitimate Affiliate Program. You’re paid on each client that buys or leases our Saas cloud based Contactless business App solution monthly. There are 12 monthly payments and you’ll receive passive recurring income from each month the client is leasing our App. If the client buys outright, you still receive 60% commission, yet instead of receiving it monthly you’ll receive the full commission of the retail price (JVZoo makes all payments to you, the month following the sale).

F.  You’ll love how fast you can start a full time career. You get fast results from Passive Income!

Q.  What about when the Covid-19 Pandemic ends?

A.  Don’t worry…this is Passive Recurring Income. So long as you keep introducing a few Clients weekly, you can continue to receive awesome passive income!

How Much Can A Distributor [Affiliate] Earn?

F.  You Get 60% Of Each Monthly Lease For The Full 12 Months of a Client’s Lease. That’s $275 x 60% = $165 from the first month’s sale – then $395 x 60% = $237 for the length of the Lease. Most Client’s will continue for the full period, so that’s $237 x 11 more payments!

# Let’s say you sign up 4 clients in Mth 1. In Mth 2 Your Monthly Income Would Be 4 x $165 = $660.00

# Let’s say you sign up 4 clients in Mth 2. In Mth 3 Your Monthly Income Would Be 4 x $237 = $948.00 (original Client’s) + 4 x $165 = $660.00 (new Client’s) = $1,608.00

# Let’s say you sign up 4 clients in Mth 3. In Mth 4 Your Monthly Income Would Be 4 x $237 = $948.00 (Month 1’s Client’s) + 4 x $237 = $948.00 (Month 2’s Client’s) + 4 x $165 = $660.00 (Month 3’s Client’s) = $2,556.00. If we rounded these figures to $2.556.00 / 4 weeks, your weekly earnings from that point would be no less than $639.00. Provided all Client’s were still paying for their App Lease. Not bad! Now you’re ready to start going full time by Month 4!

# Pretty good for just 1 new Client a week. Of course far more is possible! This is just an example. Some may earn less, some may earn more. It’s entirely proportionate to the effort you put in and how much time you dedicate to your work schedule.

# With our generous 60% Commission’s, even Part Timers can quit their job in just months by chatting on Social Media!

How Much Can An Agency Earn?

A.  We pay an Agency what Contact Free Agency would normally receive for on-boarding a client itself. When one of your Distributor’s Leases the App to a Client (your own Agency’s sales can be made through using Contact Free Agency’s J.VZoo Affiliate referral link), your Agency will receive the following Partner’s Commission. This is separate (not additional), to what you will earn by referring ‘your own sales’ through the standard JVZoo Affiliate program, using our link.

# An Agency Reseller of Contact Free Agency receives 40% of the Lease which is 40% x $275 = $110.00. We pay your Agency only on the first payment of a Client’s Lease. So if your Agency brings in 20 Leases that week from 10 of your Agents you would receive $2,200.00. If you were to bring in 40 new client’s from say 15 of your Agents, you would receive 40 x $110.00 = $4,400.00.

Please Note: We pay you on a two month delay, as Contact Free Agency needs to use some of the profit from that sale to cover our on-boarding expenses. If for any reason, the Client cancels the rest of their lease period, an invoice for the remainder will be sent to them. They are expected to settle any balance. Contact Free Agency only rewards you what is due, only if we have collected the settlement due from the Client. Your Agency will still receive commission from the first payment made, but as stated, there will be a two month delay in paying that to your Agency.

This Is Just One Example Of What’s Possible Even Higher Income Is Possible …There Are No Limits!

Can I Buy Or Lease The App Myself?

You’ve reached out at the right time! For those who lease or purchase now, we’re offering our Covid-19 Business Recovery App for a bargain. We know we could charge more, yet, our heart is firmly in business recovery. We want everybody to have this App solution for their business. So, we’ve kept the investment as low as possible.

We could also have reduced it further, yet we wanted to encourage everyone to participate in ‘paying it forward’ internationally. In this way, those in business recovery and broke students who are struggling can make an honest living, safely from home, both during and after the Pandemic, simply by promoting the App. I mean, you only need two referrals and not only are you covering the investment of leasing the App, you’re also on the way to making a profit from recurring payments! Of course, buying or leasing the App is optional. You can just keep the profits of your Agency if you wish. However, why not buy or lease the App. You can then learn all you need to know about using our App, so you’ll be well versed in selling it! It’s optional. Setup your own online Agency today and become a contributor in ‘The Big App Giveaway’!

You can be proud that you’re supporting the Covid-19 Business Recovery effort. We pay out a massive 60% commission, to all who promote this App. It’s a win win situation because you’re paying it forward and encouraging other businesses to revive and thrive which of course in turn, helps to revive our economy internationally!

Distributors Earn 60% Commission On Every Client For 12 Months!

This is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Not only does your Agency provide a passive income to supplement you/your business for life. The App will also benefit you. Our App + Store + Payment Platform will help you through the dark times, under lock down!. We can market to a mass market in need. However, this takes an incredible amount of resources, staff, time and money.

We decided the best approach was to create as many Agencies as we could. In return we would reward you with a fantastic slice of the pie. You can see the common sense approach and what’s possible by promoting this App to your clients, your friends, your family and the global market.

Help us to help your business and the International community, by promoting our App to as many as you can. You’re rewarded well! It’s the best pay it forward approach we can think of during these tough times…a win win situation!

You can see how fast your income accrues! This is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Even if you only signup one new client per week, each month your monthly signup commissions have doubled. Imagine your income after 12 months!

Help Us Spread The Word

Help us spread the word and supplement your business income. We’re all in this together. Let’s spread the word and assist fast Covid-19 Business recovery. Click below to join today. It’s free to promote and we have a plethora of great banners, a professional brochure for you to email to clients and so far two professional email swipes (html code also included), a business card, an animated business card (both editable on Canva.com), plus supporting videos and websites, plus for Agency’s your own Landing page, Domain name and Login Admin Dashboard (hosted on the cloud, not WordPress). We’ll be adding even more resources in the affiliate area within the coming months! Make your Covid-19 Business Recovery even more rapid by spreading the word – Join Free Below

Lease or Buy The App: (Buy The App For 25% Discount), for your own business to add contactless business, the new necessary norm – scroll down further and click Now Leasing or Add to Cart below and revive your business the contactless way – you’ll also be ready for the next global pandemic or any kind of future lock down!

Separate Promotional Links

Promote.  These are the separate plans you can join to promote either LEASE / BUY.

Promote The App Lease Plan: Click Here Pays 60% Commission on a monthly Lease. Note: You’ll receive your commission’s the following month, according to the date set aside by JVZoo.com, when JVZoo pays their affiliate’s.

Promote The App Buy Plan:  Coming by Mid JulyPays 60% Commission on a one time App / Store / Payment Platform buyout. You’ll receive your commission’s the following month, according to the date set aside by JVZoo.com, when JVZoo pays their Affiliates. Okay…go to it…..do this…do it well…quit your job and help us recover the economy globally! You’ll be so glad you did…your family and all your friends will want a slice of the action! Become a distributor today and fulfill your dreams or invest in the App!

Affiliate Earnings Disclaimer

Affiliate income earnings; vary from individual to individual. No typical income, either part or full time, is promised in your participation within the JVZoo.com affiliate program! What you earn is solely dependent upon the effort you put in, in order to promote our App. You could make a good part time income and cover your investment in the App. Or, you could make a very good 6 figure income. It’s up to you. Help us to help business recover from lock down around the globe and make a great passive part or full time income!

 Join our Affiliate ProgramClick Here

Disclaimer: We do not represent JVZoo.com within our advertisements, website’s, nor income examples, nor in any other way. All JVZoo.com Logos and Digital Materials are owned by JVZoo.com and are subject to copyright. Our involvement within the JVZoo.com program is limited to utilizing their Affiliate platform, along with JVZoo’s rules, regulations, affiliate buttons and promotional materials, in order to reward our affiliates for the sale’s they make of our Contactless App.

Once the purchase button above is live and our App is available for purchase, it’s deemed approved for sale, by JVZoo.com’s compliance team. Contact Free Agency operates in conjunction with FTC law.

(LAUNCH DATE – By 21st of July)

Why Your Purchase Is An Investment – Not A Cost!

Contact Free Agency is a participant in the JVZoo.com Affiliate Program – 60% of your investment in our App is paid to the Affiliate that promoted this page. We do this, to encourage free enterprise and to ensure that we have a wider audience to invest in our Contactless Delivery App.

A QR barcode thumbnail image can be placed within your store’s menu (optional). Any customer can scan this with their smartphone. This takes them to our pre-sales page. It incorporates your own personal JVZoo.com affiliate link. It only takes two referrals from your Contactless store’s customers, before your entire App investment is covered and you’re in a profitable situation. Prior to that, you only need 1 – 5 sales a day from your store, dependent upon what you’re selling in your store, before you cover your App investment. By becoming an Affiliate yourself to the JVZoo.com opportunity, you earn 60% of each sale made from this linked image within your shopping store’s menu, for 12 months from the point of your customer’s investment in our Contactless App and it soon adds up!

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"
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The Contactless Delivery – Saas Mobile App

QR Store and Payment Platform

Expected Launch Date = 21st of July 2021

Saas Cloud QR App - Contactless Delivery Stores

Plus 11 x Monthly Payments of just $395.00!

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