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A Legit Income From Lock Down!

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Delivery"

Contact Free Agency currently has part & full time work available for those who live in the greater Auckland area of New Zealand. Auckland Students and all people who are available P/T, during business hours online and offline.

First, let’s discuss offline

Those who live outside of Auckland and New Zealand are welcome to apply. We’ll add you to our waiting list, as we’re looking to expand to other areas of New Zealand and Internationally, some time in the near future. We’ll touch base with you by email, once we receive your application.

Internationally, we’re also looking for people to work online, part or full time, choose your own hours.

Part or Full time; This is a fantastic opportunity to offer recovery to small to medium sized businesses, that are suffering from the financial ramifications of lock down.

Offline Job Details

Part or Full time; This is a fantastic opportunity to assist others to recover their business and make a safe and awesome part time income or full time career for themselves, at the same time.

Students and all people who are available P/T, during business hours, who live in Auckland, New Zealand.

You may also include working online, part or full time, choosing your own hours.

Contact Free Agency creates QR B2B Contactless Website’s and Webstore’s. This provides businesses with the ability to offer their Customers Contactless B2B Services and also Contactless Delivery, for retail based businesses.

Prior to Lock down, this type of technology was only affordable for big corporate business, such as Macy’s, McDonalds and Starbucks.

Now it’smore affordable, user friendly and available to small businesses, Internationally.

Our Website’s are built on the WordPress Content Management System. Included in our Client’s investment, is a full E-Commerce Contactless Payment Cart and Checkout. Ordering and/or document sharing uses QR scan technology. With many versatile features, our Website’s are fully compliant to take Contactless payments, securely online.

There’s also an option to make a delivery to a Client, who wants to pay cash on delivery. Store owner’s can use coupons to increase sales conversions. For any business that operates several branches, our Website’s can sort and process various price points specifically per branch. 

The Money Plan

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless Delivery & Business Recovery - The Money Plan"

There’s no retainer for this position. If you put the right amount of energy into each presentation, you’ll make an incredible income. Much higher than you could earn from a 9 to 5 job, or any part time job!

That’s because as your orders grow, your commission grows exponentially. Because you’re receiving income on an order for 4 months, your commissions begin to overlap.

Passive compounding income is the main reason for why nearly all wealthy individuals in life achieved the lifestyle of freedom and luxury that they enjoy today!

From our 4 monthly payment plan order you’ll earn…

# 40% of $395.00 $USD from each client who places an order. Paid 4 x over 4 months.

# $158.00 – $USD

# $235.29 – $NZD – at time of checking – (depends upon the current exchange value).

From a full RRP order, less the Client’s 20% discount, you’ll earn…

# 40% of the full RRP from each client who places an order, a one time commission.

# $1,264.00 – USD

# 40% = $505.60

# $1,882.33 – NZD

# 40% = $752.93

Approximately – (depends upon the current exchange value).

JVZoo pays you the month following a successful order, even if you’re promoting the App offline, as each order is completed securely online, using the JVZoo checkout process.

Position 1 – Offline

First, for those who are available, during normal business hours, offline. It’s the perfect time to promote our QR Contactless B2B website’s and QR Contactless web-stores.

The entire world is constantly coming in and out of lockdown. Business owners are desperate to save their business from any future lock downs and/or downturns.

You’ll need private or public transport, to be able to easily get to various shopping areas. You’ll work your own hours, you’re the boss. You’ll need your own business card. You can copy our design from the one down-loadable in our Affiliate’s tools section, or design your own.

If you design your own, we suggest Vistaprint. They’re pretty cheap and arrive quickly from Vistaprint. Our cards arrived from the USA branch in just 10 days, by medium fast post. We can provide you with some standard business cards, without your name, to get you started while you wait for your own, for just a small outlay. Simply keep a record of your Clients, so we can pay you, as with any business.

You’ll have more fun working with a friend or family member. Working together is always more fun, so speak to a friend about doing this with you. You can motivate each other and share transport costs.

You need to be friendly and approachable. Although it would be an advantage to have some selling skills, our QR Contactless Website’s will sell themselves. In fact, we would prefer not to have anyone doing the hard sell, in order to preserve our reputation and in order to be compassionate and respectful to those who may have lost a loved one, from the Pandemic.

Those who work offline can also work online if they wish. For this option – see position 2 further down. You’ll need to join our Affiliate Program, in order to get paid for your orders. You can do this later, if you wish to meet us and review the offline opportunity first.

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Position 2 – Online

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless Delivery & Business Recovery - Mfe Pro - Affiliate Training"

For those who love to work online. It’s the perfect time to promote our website’s. The entire world is either in lock down or just coming out of another level 3 or 4 lockdown. Business owners are desperate to save their business from any future lock downs or financial struggles.

Preview our landing page –

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Affiliate’s Tools

For Contact Free Agency Affiliates, we’ve assembled a professional range of banners, email swipes, brochures, business cards, tips and resources. For those who want more training, we have a range of methodologies that can increase your online conversions.

Use the menu at the top of this website, to access all of your Affiliate Material. Open the sub menus, you’ll find everything you need to make a great online income with Contact Free Agency, part or full time!

If you want to accelerate your success, we highly recommend you purchase Mfe Pro. It’s practically FREE and this is rare. You get all of the OTO’s (one time offers), with this deal….it just doesn’t get any better!

So, let’s get you started making money, part or full time, in an opportunity that can provide you with a fantastic well above average income and an unlimited earning potential..

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