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"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"

The Simple Contactless ‘Covid Safe’ Solution – A ‘Stand Alone’ QR Store

To keep your business safe from COVID, you need to adapt to the NEW NORMAL and serve your customers in a way that you never did before. Contactless QR Scan / Order / Pay + Contactless Delivery! Do you require a B2B Website? We’ve got you covered!

A conventional website and menu? Not efficient enough! You need a stand alone web store, just for client ordering. You should have a link to your business website, from your contactless store and vice versa, so that your customers can locate you and trust in you. You can have this in the footer of your store.

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"


However, within the new global environment and if you wish to retain clients; Instead of your contactless store being your secondary website, it should now be your primary website. Long after the pandemic has ended.

We simply can’t say that this will be the last global lock down in the future, for product and service based businesses and it’s highly unlikely!

Trust me, if you don’t have a ‘stand alone’ contactless solution…you’re going to lose a lot of business, as contactless stores become the primary website, because of lock down!

CFA -The Contactless Professionals

If you don’t have a stand alone contactless web store, just for your customer’s orders, they can’t skip all the dialogue and get straight to the business of ordering. It takes multiple google searches plus rifling through many websites, before clients can find a local store, let alone one with an established and easy to use online menu. They’ll simply move on. You’re losing current business and any future return business!


Big Corporations

Many of the major corporations implemented barcode ordering, even prior to Covid-19. It was only a matter of time before this same technology was made necessary for all businesses of any size. Now you can utilize this technology in the most affordable way with just 1 easy implementation. Once your store is setup, you’re good to go through any future pandemic or downturn!

  • Easy Implementation

  • Recover Lost Business

  • Effective Yet Affordable

  • Insure Your Financial Future

  • Retain Happy Satisfied Clients

  • Keep Up With The Major Corporations

  • Serve Your Customers More Effectively

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