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Covid-19 Business Recovery!

How To Get Your App FREE For Life!

What’s the initial setup investment to get started? You’ve reached out at the right time! For those who get started right away, we’re offering our App for a bargain. We know we could charge more, yet, our heart is firmly in Covid-19 business recovery. We want everybody to have this App solution for their business. We’ve kept the investment as low as possible, with one exception.

We could have reduced it further, yet we wanted to encourage people to spread the word. So, we pay out a massive 60% commission, to all who promote this App. It’s a win win situation because you’re paying it forward and assisting other businesses to revive and thrive which of course helps to revive our global economy.

Our Partners Receive 60% Commissions Weekly For Life!

This is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Not only does it provide a passive income to supplement your business for life. It will also help you, as this App + Store will, to help you through the dark times, under lock down!. We can market to a mass market in need. However, this takes an incredible amount of resources, staff, time and money.
We decided the best approach was to create as many partnerships as we could. In return we would reward you with a fantastic slice of the pie. You can see the common sense approach below and what’s possible by promoting this App to your clients, your friends, your family and the wider market.
Help us to help your business and the wider global community, by promoting our App to as many as you can. You’re rewarded well! It’s the best pay it forward approach we can think of during these tough times…a win win situation! This is not a Ponzi scheme where someone along the way misses out. We don’t believe in those and would never support such a scheme. This works just like any other legitimate Affiliate opportunity, where you are rewarded for the efforts you make in promoting this App!

The Covid-19 Business Recovery App

Partnership Program

Initial Setup Investment:  $395.00 – USD

Initial Setup Partnership:  $395 x 60% Commission = $237 – x 1

Weekly App Investment:  $99.95 USD x weekly

Weekly App Partnership:  $99.95 x 60% Commission = $59.97 x weekly

Initial Earnings:  $237.00 x 2 Signups /  Commission = $474.00 – weekly

Wkly Earnings:  $59.97 x 2 Signups /  Commission = $119.94 – weekly

First 4 Weeks Profit Example

Signup Earnings:  $237.00 x 8 Signups /  Commission = $1,896.00
Weekly Earnings:  $59.97 x 8 Signups /  Commission = $479.76 – weekly
Signup Earnings:  $1,896 / 4 Weeks / Commission = $474.00 – weekly
Total Earnings:  $479.76 Weekly + $474.00 Weekly = $953.76 – weekly
This is something you can’t afford to miss out on. Even if you only signup two new clients per week, each month your weekly signup commissions double! Imagine your income after 6 to 12 months!