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Decisions can sometimes be difficult to make right?…


…especially if the outcome is likely to have a huge impact on your life, your future and your business!

However, when you do make that decision, and it turns out to be right, you feel happy and fulfilled…right?

Right now, you have a decision to make, about your future and if you do the right thing, you’ll feel satisfied…

happy and very pleased with yourself. Our heart goes out to anyone who has lost someone through Covid-19…

it’s a sensitive subject indeed. There’s one other important consideration throughout this vital time in history.


I’m talking about the decision whether or not to choose the…”

Contactless Mobile App – Business Solution


If you haven’t already heard…the Contactless Mobile App + Store + Payment Platform will help you

recover from lock-down…far more rapidly”!


Particularly given that you’ll be prepared to start accepting business, once your Country, State

or City starts to re-emerge out of the more stringent stages of Lock-down”

Watch The Intro Video Here


Due to Pandemic, More than 85% of Local Businesses are Struggling to Make any Profit and are on the

Verge of Permanent Closure. Do you really wish to be one of these permanent statistics?

You may also know, there’s been a launch discount on our Business Recovery App, since we introduced it.

What you may not know is that this generous discount is expiring soon!


It’s cost a lot to produce our QR App, with all of its unique features, yet make it simplistic.

Both internally and also at the front end, so that your valued Customer’s can easily find what they’re looking for”!

“Happy satisfied and safe Customer’s, using your stand alone Contactless Delivery Store”!

It’s wise to get in now…save…and prepare your business for recovery


If you close this email without picking it up, most of you are definitely going to regret it later…

especially when you decide to pick it up later, because your business needs a boost, and the price is way higher!


If you take the bold step to pick it up right now, and take advantage of the current launch price…

you’ll be glad you did…

“You’ll love your Contactless Delivery Store with ‘Safe’ Delivery”


Especially when you discover how easy it is to…


# Gain Confidence and Enhance Trust in the eyes of your Customer.

# Minimize Customer Contact.

# Ensure Business Revival and Growth, while staying compliant.

# Get Increased Customer Satisfaction. Process Orders without Queues.

# Collect Contactless Payments…using our Contactless – Mobile App – Saas Software Solution.


To make this decision easy for you, during this vital period…


We’re offering a huge discountalong with a 100% guarantee, with respect to your satisfaction of the setup and maintenance of your store, in order for it to work smoothly and efficiently. 

After we commence your store there’s no refund after 10 days, the standard consideration period, as there are costs associated with the setup of your store.

However, as we said….we stand by and offer a 100% guarantee on the setup and maintenance of your store.

We want satisfied customers and fast business revival!


There’s nothing stopping you…

Do the right thing now…so you don’t regret it later…

When your competitors have the edge and take most, or at least a great majority, of your customers!


Pick up Your Mobile Contactless Delivery App + Store + Payment Platform now, before the huge discount expires

…you’ll be so glad you did!


PS: Our heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one from Covid-19. Our deepest empathy to you!

In your interest,


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