Are there any limitations?

There are no limitations. The quantity of products you wish to add is set by you. We add 12 complete products for you, including images, price, description etc. You must provide us with the completed content that you wish us to add, for each product or service. Or, we can copy content from your own website, if you have one. However, the whole purpose of what we provide is to have a stand alone store. It’s the only way, especially during lock down, to sell to your customers by effectively avoiding distraction. After we’ve added 12 items for you, you can see how easy it is to add more products. After your initial investment, you can either add more products yourself or invest in adding more products to your store, by having us add them for you. We charge a small fee for altering any product descriptions, price details etc. As with any conventional website management. This is optional. If you decide to do it yourself, it’s easy and only takes around 5 minutes to add a product or service, along with its description etc.

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